Video Webcasting for Lead Generation


Marketing is a constantly evolving discipline. What worked last year may not necessarily work today. Nowhere is this more true than in the decline of audience satisfaction with the conventional audio and slide webinar. It’s not just about great content anymore. In the age of online video and social media your customers have higher expectations. You need a webcasting platform that can support the integration of video and social media into your marketing webinar campaigns to increase audience engagement, maximize the impact of your marketing message, and extend the reach across multiple marketing channels and mobile devices.

MediaPlatform customer Worktank, a digital marketing firm in Seattle, discusses how they use MediaPlatform software to power lead generation and marketing activities.

MediaPlatform enables you to offer your critical audiences a truly engaging, rich media interactive webinar experience. Our webcasting software offers you unparalleled production quality, functionality and control. Through every phase of the webinar production process, from creative to invitations, registration, audience-facing content player, Q&A, and on-demand archive, our technology helps you craft a completely custom experience. Your brand will look its absolute best as you present to prospects using MediaPlatform marketing webcast technology. And, this is just the beginning. After your video webinar, MediaPlatform’s built-in analytics engine can tell you who are the most interested and engaged prospects.

Engaging Video Marketing Webinars

  • Cut through the noise – Stand out from your competitors and deliver a richer experience that will grab your prospects’ attention and resonate with them after the event.
  • Make a real connection – Engage deeply with your audience using the powerful combination of high quality video, custom-branded viewer templates and audience interactivity.
  • Deliver more information in a brief time window – Mix live and pre-recorded video, adding sizzle to your presentation and communicating much more information than slides alone.
  • Leverage content-based marketing – Be a thought leader and start building a rich resource of prospect-friendly marketing content.
  • Make it easy for people to buy your product – Your prospects are more mobile today than ever before. Lower the barrier of entry to learning about your company by delivering video to PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Connect your webcast marketing efforts with social media – With MediaPlatform, your prospects can connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Enjoy production flexibility – With MediaPlatform, you can produce lead generation webcasts in-house or partner with your choice of audio-visual producers. If you want, we can refer a trusted producer in your area for production services.
  • Optimize your lead generation/marketing “funnel” – Easily identify the most interested and engaged prospects to feed the sales funnel. Our powerful registration and viewer analytics help you reach everyone and measure their participation. How long they viewed, the questions they asked, their responses to polls and surveys, their social media activity. You can even give them the ability to engage with a sales or marketing representative during the event.
Download the MediaPlatform White Paper “The Video Webinar”

Build Powerful Marketing Campaigns with Eloqua™ Integration

With MediaPlatform Cloud Connectors for Eloquait’s easy to build live events into your Eloqua lead generation and marketing automation campaign workflow. Automatically pass registration, contact information, and rich viewer analytics between Eloqua and MediaPlatform. With this powerful integration you can:

    • Manage and track campaign event registration for leads and contacts
    • Analyze campaign channel conversion to see where you are getting your best results
    • Capture new leads from MediaPlatform into your Eloqua campaign
    • Capture rich data and analytics of viewer engagement to lead records in Eloqua. Who viewed? For how long? What questions did they ask? How did they respond to polls and surveys?
    • Give actionable intelligence to your sales force for follow up
    • Effectively Measure ROI for your webcast events

Download the MediaPlatform Eloqua Cloud Connector Datasheet

Your Own Custom Video Marketing Portal

Consumers today spend 30% of their time on the web watching video. Take advantage of this trend to increase brand awareness and market education. With our easy-to-use platform tools you can engage your audience, communicate effectively, extend your reach across any device, and measure your impact.

Interactive Lead Marketing and Brand Awareness Toolkit

  • Launch interactive video campaigns to promote your latest products
  • Create relationships by allowing viewers to post video commentary
  • Publish video in a portal that matches your brand
  • Encourage your audience to interact with your content and each other using advanced social tools
  • Enable your viewers to easily share videos

Launch Your Own Video Portal

Easy to install and customize, MediaPlatform is an excellent way to showcase high-quality video content with minimal setup. Use it to create a minisite for a new product launch, or a video product catalog.

  • Optimal Playback Experience – with adaptive bit-rate technology
  • Flexible Content Organization – through the MediaPlatform administration console
  • Easy End-User Media Upload – users can upload and share their own videos
  • Full mobile support including iPhone & iPad Compatibility
  • A host of sharing and commenting tools
  • Comprehensive Video Search – easy search and browsing, with advanced search functionality

Analyze Video Performance

Our built-in analytics and reports provide you with the insight you need to successfully manage your video campaigns. Measure the impact of each video, and optimize your choice of content and distribution strategy.

Increase Viewers and Views

  • Take advantage of multiple tools and features to increase your audience:
  • Reach viewers on any type of device with cross-device support
  • Maximize your content’s exposure on search engines with best-practice video SEO
  • Easily syndicate and distribute content

Webcast Marketing Services

Our solutions are available as cloud based offerings and are easy to learn and use but if you prefer some help, or even to have someone else just do it all for you then we offer a range of webcasting plans that can support your marketing needs at different levels of budget, production and audience. Ask us about our economical, high-impact service offerings.