CEO Town Hall Meetings

Webcasting for Executive Leadership and Town Hall Meetings

For most enterprises the Town Hall meeting has become an important part of the communications strategy. The challenge however is that employees are often spread out over many locations, and sometimes over several continents, and in the past it hasn’t been possible for organizations to reach every employee with a live video webcast, so instead organizations have relied on expensive conference bridges, live venues, travel and accommodations, or many employees have simply been left out.

MediaPlatform Webcaster offers businesses of all sizes a unique executive webcasting capability. Our cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution, with its SmartPath technology, makes economical, high-impact executive presentations that reach your entire audience possible.


  • Extend the reach of your CEO town hall meetings
  • Eliminate costly travel expenses, conference facilities, and expensive conference bridges
  • Allows full interactivity through moderated Q&A, Chat, Polls, Surveys and social business feeds from solutions like Yammer
  • Full event template customization allows you to create a unique branded experience, tailored to your requirements
  • Reach every employee, on any network, browser or mobile device from a secure cloud based solution
  • Increase the ROI for your town hall meetings by easily archiving the events for on-demand viewing
  • No investment in expensive network upgrades, our cloud based peer assist multicast video streaming technology allows desktops to share the video while consuming minimal network resources
  • Provide a customized enterprise video portal for your event, as well as other corporate multimedia content
  • MediaPlatform’s solutions can meet the technical requirements of any IT department for media distribution behind the firewall, across multiple networks, and securely with Active Directory and LDAP integration