Improving Corporate Training and Development with Webcasting

Video webcasting provides organizations with a customizable and interactive, web-based platform that can be implemented across all locations to improve training and development. With live or archived presentations viewable on desktop, tablet or smartphone, a webcasting solution is a cost-effective and easy to deploy technology that is rapidly becoming the knowledge management tool of choice at organizations such as Abbott Laboratories, ConocoPhillips, General Motors and Illumina.



Making Video Communications and Training Searchable and Accessible

Video has proven to be an effective and cost-efficient tool for communications and training inside today’s global enterprise. With this growth in the creation of corporate video, intelligent content management is essential for maximizing returns on the investments made in on-demand assets and live webcasting.



Harnessing the Power of Video to Improve Internal Communications

Many experts believe that almost every employee issue – performance, productivity, attendance, and turnover – can be improved with better internal communications. Organizations that communicate effectively report higher levels of employee engagement and morale than companies that fail to do so. But how can executives and managers communicate with a dispersed workforce, while at the same time providing the tools for a two way dialogue?



Revolutionizing Employee Engagement with Gamification and Video

Gamification engines and enterprise video platforms are two proven solutions for boosting employee engagement, and have been successfully deployed at companies including Box, Ericsson, Ford and Oracle. By enabling more compelling training and certification programs, powering easier knowledge sharing and transforming collaboration, gamification and video have become two important tools for companies seeking a competitive advantage.



Driving Engagement with Enterprise Social Networks Through Video

Research from IT analyst firm Gartner projects that by 2016, 50 percent of large organizations will have internal Facebook-like social networks, and that 30 percent of these will be considered as essential as email and telephones are today. However, the same report also predicts that 80 percent of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits.



Improving Corporate Communications with Video

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly leveraging internal video to improve a variety of business processes and gain competitive advantage. Corporate communications, knowledge sharing and collaboration have been given a boost through the utilization of on-demand video and live webcasting inside the enterprise YouTube.



Video Platforms as the Future of Corporate Communications

Research from the leading business associations and publishers for corporate communicators has shown that medium and large corporations across all industries are actively searching for ways to leverage video to enhance executive messaging, improve the effectiveness of training, connect the distributed workforce and enable knowledge sharing.



Driving SharePoint Adoption and Engagement with Video

Leading business executives recognize the power of the social business to increase productivity, improve company culture and, most importantly, grow the bottom line. Unfortunately, many enterprises have invested in social technologies that have not been widely adopted by their workforce. Microsoft SharePoint is nothing more than a glorified file share for many organizations, however, some of the most innovative companies in the world have identified the power of integrating an enterprise video platform to drive adoption and achieve meaningful results from investment in the tool.



Best Practices for Implementing an Enterprise YouTube

The enterprise YouTube is a social video platform for streaming on-demand video and live webinars inside the enterprise. The adoption of this technology has been driven by the use of consumer-based video sharing applications, such as Vimeo and Google’s YouTube, by employees to communicate and collaborate with internal project teams, partners and customers.



Video for Internal Communications Inside the Global Enterprise

In this webinar you will get tips on how to enhance your internal webcasting efforts from MediaPlatform customer Maxim Integrated (NASDAQ: MXIM). Learn the features and functionality needed by this 9,300 employee enterprise to reach its employees across multiple locations.



Launching an Internal Video Sharing Program

Communications Professionals have many options to choose from when delivering messages to their internal audiences, but online video has emerged as the dominant employee communication medium.

Paolo Tosolini, the internal communications expert who launched and managed the internal video platform at Microsoft shares the lessons he has learned in his work helping organizations integrate online video, as well as answering your questions about what to look for when choosing an enterprise YouTube.

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Tips for Selecting an Enterprise YouTube

Research at medium and large enterprises across all industries has proven that video is a valuable tool for making an organization more social, improving employee engagement and enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing. Unfortunately, tools like YouTube and Vimeo lack the privacy, branding options and security controls required by corporate communications professionals to serve as an organization’s video portal.



Leveraging Mobile Video in Internal Communications

Cisco estimates that two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video in the next three to four years. Inside the enterprise, advancements in technology, combined with accelerating consumer video use, is driving the adoption of mobile video. In this webinar we will highlight ways you can leverage mobile video for internal communications at your company and how to ensure your employees produce engaging and effective content.



Improving Collaboration in the Dispersed Enterprise

In this webinar, MediaPlatform hosts a dicussion with the CEO of the enterprise engagement platform Jostle on how to better engage remote employees. In this webinar you will learn:

  •   How to grow and maintain your culture regardless of company size
  •   How to leverage video to increase productivity
  •   How to utilize EGC to uncover hidden employee expertise
  •   How to prevent your employees from being lost in a sea of files


White Papers

Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1 2015

MediaPlatform has been recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as a Leader in the report, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1 2015. MediaPlatform was among those cited for interactive and customizable webcasting player experiences and excellent features for video content management.

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Webcasting vs. Web Conferencing

These two technologies seem fundamentally similar, but they actually serve quite different needs. Web conferencing uses software that enables groups of people to meet online in a collaborative setting, whereas webcasting is meant for rich media presentation to an online audience. Essentially, Web conferencing is for meetings while webcasting tools are for events.

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Frost & Sullivan Global Enterprise Webcasting Award

Based on Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of the enterprise video webcasting market, MediaPlatform is the winner of the Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Anisha Vinny on MediaPlatform:

“Even though the value proposition of webcasting is powerful, the technology has yet to reach widespread enterprise adoption,” said Vinny. “MediaPlatform’s integrations with a slew of popularly used enterprise technologies help extend video webcasts as well as on-demand video into other avenues, such as collaboration platforms and enterprise social networks.”

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Improve Employee Engagement with Employee Generated Content

How do you keep employees in the loop when the home office is in Kansas, but a huge segment of the team is in Bangalore? Corporate video has been used to connect employees, clients and stakeholders, for some time, but to employ a 20th-century format, in which static content is generated and produced at the executive level, would be to miss out on the enormous benefits and potential for higher engagement to be found in Employee Generated Content or EGC.

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Improve Enterprise Learning and Training with the Enterprise YouTube

An internal company video portal, or enterprise YouTube, can support corporate training and workforce development by cultivating active learners in the workforce through the use of on-demand and live content. Active learners are ideally suited to adopting new technologies, systems, and methodologies, which in turn translates into improved efficiencies and ROI, making the case for investing in technology that helps turn passive learners into active ones.

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Making Your Business More Social with an Enterprise YouTube

The possibilities for creating the next evolution in collaborative communications via on-demand
video are intriguing and endless for enterprises. Enterprise YouTubes can support town halls,
executive communications, HR training, knowledge sharing and collaboration across local and geographically dispersed teams, by leveraging the real-time functionality and social features of
public video sharing platforms.

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Multicast Fusion on the Adobe® Flash® Platform

MediaPlatform worked closely with Adobe to implement the first real world test of Flash multicasting using Flash Media Server 4 (FMS 4) and our own WebCaster enterprise webcasting tool. For this process, we developed the world’s first hybrid multicast enabled Flash player.

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Building Consensus on Enterprise Video

The use of online video in the enterprise environment has reached an inflection point. It’s no longer an optional or “nice to have” feature of corporate life. It’s a key ingredient of communication, training, collaboration, and management. This development is not necessarily viewed as good news by everyone involved in the delivery of video in the enterprise, however.

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Finding the Empowering Balance in Webcasting

As the art of webcasting grows more sophisticated, expectations for online presentations from both audience members and executive presenters grow more demanding. If you’re responsible for online presentations, these expectations may be causing you some challenges.

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Case Studies



The Curry Rockefeller Group

The Curry Rockefeller Group is a New York-based agency that works with global pharmaceutical clients on the production of medical education content that is “Thought-Leader-Focused”. The company’s successful strategy has been to partner with outstanding experts in a given medical field and present medical education that is widely viewed as best in class amongst practitioners.



Tetra Tech

Tetra Tech (NASDAQ: TTEK) is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide. Tetra Tech trains thousands of geographically remote EPA stakeholders on water regulations and other topics using MediaPlatform software.

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Our event partner Worktank uses MediaPlatform for marketing communications that are moving, interactive, and measurable.


Worktank Case Study


WindRose Media

WindRose Media is a media production company that specializes in overseeing large-scale, webcasts and other complex events. WindRose is active in many sectors, but the company has enjoyed particular success with government clients. In 2011, WindRose finalized an agreement to produce 51 educational webcasts for a major U.S. Government agency.

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Streaming Video in the Fortune 500

Our experience with our client, a Fortune 500 technology company, proves that video can now reach the entire internal audience and also be simultaneously usable for the external Web through an alternative to Real® multicast streaming. We worked closely with Adobe Systems and the client on the pilot of Multicast Fusion on the Adobe® Flash® Platform. The challenge was to implement this breakthrough video streaming technology which had previously not been tested in a real world environment.

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Mediaco, one of Canada’s largest Audio/Visual staging companies, provides a webcasting service that matches the company’s reputation for high standards in event production. Mediaco’s story is a great example of how an established AV company can make the move to webcasting. It

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