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MediaPlatform is an excellent way to manage corporate, or employee contributed content. MediaPlatform builds community and user engagement with friendly video search and browsing, video upload, video capture, annotation, sharing, and more. This media management software allows you to create your own online, enterprise video platform/portal.

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  • Optimal Playback Experience – with adaptive bit-rate technology
  • Securely Manage a Variety of Multimedia Assets – Video, Audio, WebCaster Live and On-Demand Webcasts, Embeds, External Links
  • Flexible Content Organization – through the MediaPlatform administration console
  • Easy End-User Media Upload – users can upload and share their own videos
  • Comprehensive Content Creation and Curation for Communication Professionals – Create approval work flows, promote the best content and content creators in your organization
  • Full Role Based Permissions and User Management
  • Channel Centric Approach Allows Creation of Sub-Sites
  • Full mobile support including iPhone & iPad Compatibility
  • A host of sharing and commenting tools
  • Comprehensive Video Search – easy search and browsing, with advanced search functionality
  • Integrate with Enterprise Portals – Standard Web Services API’s for integration with solutions like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebCenter, SAP NetWeaver

Social Video and Corporate Communications

Improve employee productivity, motivation and community through media collaboration and sharing tools available with MediaPlatform.

The role of corporate communications is evolving from pure content creation to content curation. With more and more enterprises embracing social media, knowledge sharing and employee generated content of all kinds, the demand for tools that support this new bottom up approach as well as more traditional top down communications is increasing.

Communications professionals need the right tools to promote this new ground up approach to content creation and to face the challenges that come with it.

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Your Own Corporate Youtube with MediaPlatform

Consumers today spend 30% of their time on the web watching video. Take advantage of this trend to increase brand awareness and market education. With our easy-to-use enterprise video platform tools available through MediaPlatform video, you can engage your audience, communicate effectively, extend your reach across any device, and measure your impact.

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Video Portal for Corporate Training and Education

As workforces become more distributed and mobile, training becomes more challenging. Travel budgets are tight and the need to deliver highly interactive live training events virtually, as well as the need to make training videos and materials available to the mobile workforce for any-time consumption is becoming mission critical for many enterprises. The challenge for training professionals is not only to get the right information to the right employees, but also to improve learning and retention. Many studies have shown that video is a more memorable way to learn than any other media. By using video and giving employees the ability to learn when and how they like, participation goes up and employee success is supported.

MediaPlatform gives training organizations the tools to create rich interactive video training presentations and to deliver them as part of a complete educational online video platform.

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